Lashing Tec 3

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Pro Lash Tec 3.38 / SET, buckles OWB 4040 enclosed    

  • 2.600 / 3 x horizontal straps 3.100 - 38 mm    
  • CV 1,200 - with rubber band    
  • 9 Sets 65 lbs

Lashing Tec was specifically developed for the securement of flexible packaging in overseas shipping containers.

Flexible packaging such as palletized bags or FIBC’s are particularly difficult to secure during transportation. Due to the nature of this type of packaging, the loads can easily settle or deform during transportation from point A to B. The result may be that when using a conventional lashing system to secure the product, the horizontal straps may become loose and hang down or fall down completely. With Lashing Tec© and its proprietary, integrated rubber strip, the horizontal straps of the lashings are always held in the correct position. Regardless of the load settles into the horizontal straps at the back or slips out of the straps, the tension in the rubber strip, prevents these horizontal straps from sagging or slipping and keeps the load secure. Lashing Tec© is a certified system to ensure maximum safety when transporting product in flexible packaging on ocean containers.