One-way Single 55 Gallon Drum Securement

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Our fast, efficient and affordable solution for securing one or two 55 gallon steel drums to a pallet.

Single Use:

  • An economic option for one-way use
  • Material: Polyester (PES)
  • Diameter: 600mm (23.62”)
  • Secure to pallet using standard polyester strapping
  • European CTU certification, also for use with Hazmat Product

Technical Specifications:

  • Polyester fabricated securement –break strength 2500daN / 2.5 tons
  • Elongation in strap is under 7%
  • Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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John Coy
Awesome customer service

Received a different order by mistake. Emailed them and had my order overnight with a return label. All companies make mistakes it is how they fix them that matters. Well done! And the product I ordered is great too.

Raymond Bates
55 Gallon Drum Securement Strap

Very well made as intended. Fast shipping. I would buy it again.

Tim Ames
One gallon drum securement

Great piece at a great price and fast delivery!